Palladium has for more than a hundred years been known to be an excellent material for separating hydrogen from other gases.

Our palladium membrane technology has successfully been developed over the last ten years. The efficient production and assembly of membranes, internals and the complete separators are performed and tested in-house. Testing is also performed at Equinors methanol plant in mid-Norway.

Our membrane technology produces clean hydrogen and captures CO₂. Taking benefit from a compact and installation-friendly design, we provide very competitive CAPEX and OPEX for our client’s operation.

With no moving parts and a standardized set-up, we contribute to high up-time. Almost all the parts can be recycled, allowing minor maintenance costs and a sustainable environmental footprint.

We provide technology for production of clean hydrogen to refineries, bio-refineries and chemical plants, steel production, power generation, gas networks, transportation, marine, aviation and agriculture.

Photo: Labelle Michel - Total


is standardized but a selection of add-ons may be included. Typically this can be;

  • - Heating systems

  • - Swipe gas for increased partial pressure differential (normally not applicable) 

  • - Real-time monitoring of parameters (remotely if required)

Production capacity: 10 tons/day

Production capacity: 40 tons/day