We use a unique and patented technology where a palladium membrane separates Hydrogen from CO₂ prior to combustion, in a specially designed separator. This makes it possible to both capture CO₂ and produce pure hydrogen in one and the same process.

So far, our projects have shown that Hydrogen Mem-Tech’s membrane technology requires both lower investments (capex) and lower operating costs (opex) than existing solutions.

Our membrane technology don´t need chemicals or large space to help our customers produce clean energy. Our technology is scalable and can be installed in energy facilities of various sizes, in many sectors.

The palladium membrane technology is developed Hydrogen Mem-Tech, together with researchers at SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations, and has been successfully piloted and tested over the last ten years.

Customers can rest assured that the efficient production and assembly of membranes, internals and the complete separators are performed and tested in-house. With no moving parts and a standardized set-up, we contribute to high up-time. Almost all the parts can be recycled, allowing minor maintenance costs and a sustainable environmental footprint.

We provide technology for production of clean hydrogen to refineries, bio-refineries and chemical plants, steel production, power generation, gas networks, transportation, marine, aviation and agriculture.

Our customers lead the way. We make it possible.

Curious about our Technology? View this short animation about the quality of our unique membrane technology.

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is standardized but a selection of add-ons may be included. Typically this can be;

  • - Heating systems

  • - Swipe gas for increased partial pressure differential (normally not applicable) 

  • - Real-time monitoring of parameters (remotely if required)

Production capacity: 10 tons/day

Production capacity: 40 tons/day