Our customers

After successfully testing our technology at the natural gas facility at Tjeldbergodden, we have put our expertise and our hydrogen separator on the market.

Our first project is with the biogas company Agri-e. Agri-e produce biogas from food waste and will use our membrane technology to produce pure hydrogen to be used in transportation. The captured CO₂ will be used to boost agriculture production.

Our second project is with Prototech, a provider of technical solutions, prototype- and product development, where our HMT membrane unit will be integrated in a fuel cell module developed to be fitted on an Odfjell chemical tanker.

Both projects will start running at the end of 2021.

We provide technology for production of clean hydrogen to refineries, bio-refineries and chemical plants, steel production, power generation, gas networks, transportation, marine, aviation and agriculture.

Our customers lead the way. We make it possible.