The world’s climate is under pressure and time is running out. The demand for clean energy is greater than the supply, and the need for smart solutions is urgent

Our aim is to make the green shift happen by realizing the potential of hydrogen. HYDROGEN Mem-Tech shall be a key enabler for clean and competitive production of blue hydrogen, with significant reduction of CO₂ -emission in multiple sectors. We will not only produce hydrogen from natural- and biogas - and catch the CO₂ generated in the process. We will also make the whole operation cheaper, cleaner, and better. We will make hydrogen production profitable, so that sustainable energy solutions with zero emissions gain a competitive advantage.

Benchmarks show that the palladium membrane technology demands 50 % lower capex, 20 % less opex and produces 8% more hydrogen. Our technology can use 90% less space than the established PSA method. Our ambition is that our technology will contribute to the production of around 140 tonnes hydrogen a day, and capture and catch up to 2500 tonnes of CO₂ a day in 2025.

Our customers lead the way. We make it possible.

Photo: Equinor

Photo: Carnoustie Golf Links, John Deere and Rain Bird