HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS is a Norwegian hydrogen technology company based in Trondheim, established in 2017.
Our aim is to make the green shift happen by realizing the potential of hydrogen. The world’s climate is under pressure and time is running out. The demand for clean energy is greater than the supply, and the need for smart solutions is urgent. Our technology will not only produce blue hydrogen from bio- and natural gas - and catch the CO₂ generated in the process. We will also make the whole operation cheaper, cleaner, and better. Our ambition is to make hydrogen production profitable, so that sustainable energy solutions with zero emissions gain a competitive advantage.


Health, Safety, Environment
We shall always be your preferred supplier within HSE. With decades of experience from the oil ang gas industry, we have high demands on ourselves. Our operation shall prevent accidents, loss/injuries to people, equipment and the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility Our culture shall be characterised by respect, openness and high ethical standards towards employees, suppliers, partners, owners and clients. We strive to prevent additional stress to the environment and most of our separators can be recycled, allowing minor maintenance costs and a sustainable environmental footprint.


Thor Egil Five
- Chairman (Partner Ficas)

Andrew Hinkly
- Boardmember (Managing Partner, AP Ventures)

James Diaz-Sokoloff
- Observer (Investment Manager, AP Ventures)

Richard Riggs
- Boardmember (Investment Director, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures)

Stian Nygaard
- Boardmember (Investment Director, Yara Growth Ventures)

Bilal Ahmad
- Boardmember (Venture Principal, Shell Ventures)

Sophie Bodd Jenssen
- Boardmember (Head of Private Label, Grilstad)

Asle Jostein Hovda
- Boardmember (Investment Director, Sintef Venture)

Torkild Reinertsen
- Boardmember (Chairman & Market Lead, Reinertsen New Energy)