HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS was established in 2017, to continue the development of Palladium membranes for hydrogen separation and CO₂ Capture. Being situated in the middle of Norway, we are inspired by clean air, mountains and fjords and the northern light.
Our contribution to coming generations, is to provide technology for reduction in CO₂ -emission by use of clean hydrogen for several utilizations.


Health, Safety, Environment
We shall always be your preferred supplier within HSE. With decades of experience from the oil ang gas industry, we have high demands on ourselves. Our operation shall prevent accidents, loss/injuries to people, equipment and the environment.
Our culture shall be described with respect, openness and a high ethical standard to employees and value chain.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Our culture shall be characterised by respect, openness and high ethical standards towards employees, suppliers, partners, owners and clients.


Thor Egil Five - Chairman of the board

Torkild Reinertsen
- Board member

Marius Haabeth
- Board member

Julius Maske
- Board member

Geir Suul
- Board member